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Quality of Roleplay
Character Policies
Communication Policies
Banned Roleplay
Scripted Roleplay
RDM (Random Deathmatching)
NVL (No Value of Life)

C O M M U N I T Y  P O L I C I E S

  1. We have a Zero Tolerance policy for toxicity and the instigation or encouragement of OOC drama of any kind.

  2. Any form of racism, harassment, derogatory language, ostracization, or alienation will NOT be tolerated.

  3. To become a member of the TCRP community, you MUST be 18 years or older.

  4. We are an English-speaking server. Thus, all communication must be, primarily, in English.

  5. Do NOT post pornographic imagery, text, or propositions. This includes Erotic Roleplay.

  6. Do NOT share your, or anyone else's, personal information. Staff will never ask you for your passwords, address, phone number, etc.

  7. All community members are required to join the official TCRP Discord. A member who leaves the Discord will have their whitelisting revoked until they return.

  8. Our staff is dedicated to helping our community in whatever way we can and we take every ticket seriously, especially in cases of player reports and similar. To this end, if one is found to be intentionally supplying staff with false information, it will result in disciplinary action.

Any violation of the above policies will result in disciplinary action. Depending on the severity, possible actions could be anywhere from a warning to a ban.

S E R V E R  R U L E S

1. QUALITY OF ROLEPLAY. All of our community members are expected to RolePlay (RP) on server in a credible manner, in a way that shows respect for the server's culture, their own roleplay, as well as the roleplay of their fellow community members.

1.1. While roleplaying on the server, keep in mind that the current year in-game is 1902. Keep your speech relatively time period appropriate and refrain from acting or speaking in ways that would break other's immersion. However, there are a few period inaccuracies that have been purposefully baked into the server, made for the purposes of fun. When encountering these inaccuracies (listed below), simply treat them as if they are a natural part of the world.

(a) Radios. While, technically, invented in early 1890, the radios that may be encountered while on the server are more advanced than the wireless telegraphy available in 1902.


2.1. Characters MUST be, at the bare minimum, 18 years old or older.

2.2. Character Names should be of the player's own creation and not (at least directly) recognizable as a name from pop-culture, existing media, a celebrity (dead or living), memes, etc. Examples of names that would not be permitted would be Thomas Shelby, John Adams, Arthur Morgan, John Lennon, and so on.

2.3. Character's may NOT be related, in any way, to historical figures or characters from the Red Dead Redemption franchise, much less characters from other pop-culture media.

2.4. NATIVE CHARACTERS must be respectful to the cultures and community they intend to portray. Characters from real world tribes are permitted, but we encourage players to create their own tribe or use the Wapiti from the Red Dead universe.

2.5 PSYCHOLOGY CAREERS are not permitted within the server. However, hobbyists and those who study the literature of the time are fine; presenting oneself as an expert is not.

2.7. SERIAL KILLERS & CANNIBALS MUST first be explicitly approved by staff via ticket. The following are required to apply:

(a) The name and description of the character.

(b) An outline of what your plans are with the character.


4.1. Players are expected to have a functioning, quality microphone (minimal popping/crackling).

4.2. Players are required to have their Voice Chat settings set to Push-to-Talk to prevent hot-mic and immersion breaking incidents.

4.3. TCRP is an English-speaking server and we expect, while roleplaying, player's speak primarily in English.

4.4. Being in a third-party call (i.e. Discord) while within game with another player who is in game is not permitted (see Metagaming).

4.5. Below are the specific chat commands we have in server and the proper use for them:

(a) Local Chat (or, just typing with no command) serves as an /mu function for non-speaking players.

(b) /OOC can be used sparingly to type in an Out of Character (OOC) fashion, such as to help another player with a command or server function, or explain to others if your audio is malfunctioning, etc.

(c) /ME is used as a way for you to explain something your character is doing; i.e. If Simon types in: "/me wipes the sweat from his brow", it would show in chat as: "Simon wipes the sweat from his brow".

5. BANNED & RESTRICTED ROLEPLAY. The following types of roleplay are not permitted within the server...


5.1. TORTURE RP. Before engaging in torture RP, all players involved (both witnesses & participants) must give their OOC consent beforehand, which can be rescinded at any time. Staff highly recommends taking screenshots and/or video proof or this agreement in the instance that issues arise later.

5.2. POISONING. In order to poison another player character, you must first get their OOC consent and agree on the type of poison and the results of the poisoning; whether that be permadeath, severe illness, etc. Again, we highly recommend taking screenshots and/or video proof or this agreement in the instance that issues arise later.

5.3. RAPE & SEXUAL ASSAULT RP. Potential or anything resembling it is not tolerated under any circumstances.

5.4. ERP. Erotic Roleplay (that is, explicit roleplay depicting engagement or stimulation of sexual acts) is NOT permitted on server or in the TCRP Discord at any time. There is no privacy on the server and no one wants to see that, take it somewhere else.

5.5. PREGNANCY RP. is NOT permitted on server. Any children your character has that are under 18 years old are to be "off-screen" and not involved in any active roleplay on the server beyond brief mentions.

5.6. SUICIDE RP. Out of respect for those who are deeply affected by such roleplay, especially with the risk of distasteful depictions, TCRP staff has decided to prohibit roleplay depicting acts of, or leading up to, suicide.

5.7. PANDEMIC RP. As the world has just recently gone through a pandemic scare that has left many mentally and emotionally drained, and not to mention the powergaming tendencies of such roleplay, we at TCRP staff have decided to outright prohibit such roleplay from occurring.


5.8. SUPERNATURAL RP is not permitted on the server. Your character may believe in the supernatural or even that they, themselves, are supernatural; however, in the end, there must be some reasonable, realistic, and scientific explanation for any supposedly "magical" things they believe or do. A character cannot actually be a vampire, werewolf, ghost, etc.

6. SCRIPTED RP. The roleplay on TCRP is expected to be improvised within the context of the game world and the other characters within. Never pre-plan roleplay or scenarios outside of the game (see Metagaming).


6.1. Planned server events or player events that are discussed with and approved by staff are the exception to this rule.

7. RANDOM DEATHMATCHING. RDM is defined as a purposeful instigation of violent action against a character, including actions taken upon NPCs, without proper initiation and/or roleplay leading up to the altercation and is strictly prohibited.

7.1. Examples include, but are not limited to... Roping, shooting at, stabbing, hitting, running someone over w/ your horse/wagon (VDM), etc.

7.2. Any violent conflict that happens within server MUST have realistic RP reasoning behind the action as well as AUDIBLE initiation that allows a response from the other party.

7.3. Purposefully Baiting Law into a conflict without proper RP will result in disciplinary action.

7.4. Additionally, killing or provoking fights with NPCs without proper roleplay leading up to the action will be viewed as RDM.

8. NO VALUE OF LIFE. NVL is knowingly putting your and/or other's lives at risk without proper roleplay. Your character is expected to display a good degree of instinctual self-preservation that factors into their decision making when faced with a situation that could threaten their health and/or life.

8.1. Characters should not do the following without the intention to roleplay out severe injuries should things go wrong.

(i.e. participating in Medical RP, shelving the character for a few days, or the character only being able to participate in light activity for a few days, enduring trauma, or even the death of the character.)

(a) Purposefully jumping off of or climbing around on cliffs, buildings, bridges, or other high places.

(b) Purposefully running in front of an oncoming, speedy horse and/or wagon.

(c) Intentionally crashing your horse and/or wagon into other horses and/or wagons, buildings, cliffs, or other structures.

(d) Riding on top of moving wagons or trains.

(e) Non-compliance when faced with the threat of bodily harm (i.e. held up by a gun, the point of a knife, etc.)


We fully support the player's decision to take the risks that they feel are appropriate for their character. However, you MUST fully acknowledge and commit to whatever consequences may arise from said decision.



8.2.1. A duel is defined as two or more parties agreeing to an arranged shootout in order to settle a dispute. Depending on ordinances, a duel that takes place within a Sheriff's jurisdiction may be illegal without a Law Officer officiate there to verify the participants agreement on the duel and any rules.

8.2.2. Any and all duels MUST result in either permadeath or severe, debilitating injuries for the losing character(s).

(a) If the character takes on injuries, they must be so severe that they affect the character to the point that it impacts that characters actions and gameplay. This may include the loss of the ability to sprint, difficulty riding horses, requiring special long-term medical care, difficulty using a longarm or firearm in general, etc. Should you need help or require feedback, please feel free to reach out to staff via ticket.

9. FAILRP. Actions and decisions that break immersion, show disrespect to other community member's roleplay, or avoid roleplay.

9.1. EVIDENCE. When committing a crime, you are required to leave behind adequate evidence by either other Player Characters or /scene.

9.2. COMBAT LOGGING is the intentional disconnection from a server before an IC conflict has reached its conclusion.


(a) If disconnected in the midst of RP for reasons beyond your control, please be sure to reach out to those involved by OOC means to inform them.


9.3.1. When performing illegal activities of any kind, you are required to stay on server afterwards for a minimum 10 minute duration.

9.3.2. For a 30 minute duration, before an after a server restart, do not perform any crime.

(a) This does not include crimes that were initiated before the 30 minutes before restart.

For instance, if you begin a store robbery 20 minutes before the 30 minute warning, you are to continue and play out the results of that robbery for as long as it takes to conclude, even into the next restart if need be.

9.4. ABUSE OF OOC. While in the server, no vocal OOC chat should be happening. You are required to remain In Character (IC) at all times. Use our /ooc chat command if you need to make a quick explanation; otherwise, we ask that any required OOC communication happen in a third-party program, such as Discord.

9.4.1. Should any issues arise during RP, roleplay the scenario as it's happening. Afterwards, you can discuss it privately with the person(s) involved, make a bug report, or open a ticket with staff about it. In the case of a player report, clips, video, screenshots, and any other evidence you can provide to support your claims in a report will be valuable to both you and staff.

(a) Exceptions to this rule include: IRL emergencies and the rare instance in which you are granted permission by a member of staff.

9.5. INJURIES. Failing to portray or roleplay out your character's sustained injuries or illness, recovery period, and Medical RP is considered FailRP.

(a) If injured by a Player Character, unless in the context of a friendly brawl or similar, injuries sustained in conflict should be of a serious nature.

9.6. CARTOON POCKETS. Equipping a weapon your character clearly does not possess on their person without using a /ME to grab it from your horse or where you last left it is considered FailRP.

9.7. LOOT BOXING. Treating and using other PCs as a mechanic to gain a significant amount of mechanically useful items without providing roleplay is FailRP.

10. POWERGAMING. Power gaming is the abuse and exploitation of mechanics, and/or exerting some kind of force upon the direction of another player's RP.

10.1. PICKPOCKETING requires initiation via /ME or some other means of alerting the victim of your pickpocketing.

10.2. POCKET WIPING is completely emptying a Player Character's pockets of all or a significant portion of their items.

10.3. EXPLOITATION. You are required to inform staff IMMEDIATELY if you encounter any glitches or bugs that result in some manner of advantage. Discovery of use of exploits to gain an advantage even if one does eventually inform staff will result in disciplinary action.

10.4. ABUSE OF GAME MECHANICS. Such as using ragdoll to break out of being lassoed, etc.

10.4.1 ROPES & HOGTIE POLICY. When hogtied, use common sense on when it would be appropriate to try and break free. Such as if you are left alone for a period of time, no one is watching you, etc. This can tie into NVL.

10.5. FORCED RP. The following are NOT permitted while roleplaying on TCRP:

(a) Depicting another PC or NPC's thoughts, words, or actions.

(b) Declaring your actions against another PC are successful without allowing that player an opportunity to interact with and respond to the RP.

(c) Examples:

• "/ME takes Billy Bob by the head and slams it into the bar counter, giving him a concussion."

• You are incapacitated and type out: "/ME loses grip on a stick of dynamite. Everyone explodes."

• Your character, Lizzie, sees another PC, Reginald, who you would like to be interested in your character, so you type out: "/ME winks at Reginald from across the room. Reginald swoons and can't take his eyes off Lizzie, noticing her beautiful eyes that are like pools of moonlight reflecting off the surface of a crystal lake."

11. METAGAMING. Defined as the use of information obtained through OOC means and using it IC, especially when your character has no way of knowing such information.

11.1. STREAM SNIPING is the act of being in another player's stream while both of you are playing on the server, even if the stream is minimized.

11.2. Passing information such as your in-game location, what another PC is doing, where you're heading, etc. through OOC means. This includes being in a Discord call with other players who are also on the server.



11.3.1. Passing ANY information between your character for any reason is NOT permitted.

11.3.2. One of your characters should not refer to an alt. character of yours in any in-depth manner.

11.3.3. Sharing items, money, or other resources between your character is prohibited, including using other players as proxy.​​​​​

12. GROUP LIMITS. Only 6 characters in a group may be active within an active conflict RP scenario.

12.1. When a group riding around exceeds 6, 6 characters should be designated to take part in any conflict should it arise.

12.2. This limit may be lifted in the case of server events, in which case an announcement will be made.

12.3. To increase group limits, the group(s) involved must first gain consent by staff through opening a ticket.

12.4. In the case of an attack on a base (i.e. criminal hideout or law office), the defending side's numbers are not limited by the group limit. ​



13.1. If revived by medical personnel, your character may recall the events leading up to their incapacitation, but may not remember anything that occurs while they are down. Remember that it is FailRP to not, at least, attempt to portray injuries and recovery from them after being incapacitated.

13.2. Permadeath is the sole decision of a character's player and cannot be coerced or forced barring a few exceptions:

(a) The character has been sentenced to death for an appropriate crime.

(b) The character lost a duel and has not portrayed severe, debilitating injury from said duel.

13.1. A character is considered dead when a player uses /ME to reflect a lack of life (i.e. "/ME has no pulse").

(a) Once a character has been declared dead in such a manner, that character is dead and may not return to the server in any capacity except to be presented as a body for a funeral or autopsy if the player so desires.



14.1. If incapacitated and you decide to respawn instead of waiting to be revived by medical personnel, you are to roleplay as if your character does not recall the events immediately leading up to their death.


14.2. When "waking up" this way, you are NOT permitted to return to the scene of your incapacitation for 30 minutes after respawning. You should be taking this time to let your character recover from their—what should be, especially if downed by another player—rather severe injuries.



15.1. A single player may own a maximum of one property, but may be affiliated with other properties through other means – such as being a manager or employee of another character's business.​

15.2. To OWN a business vs. managing one, is to be responsible for being active and encouraging RP in your area of business.​ Owned businesses will be scrutinized to ensure activity is maintained; if found lacking, ownership may be revoked and the business property placed back up on the market.​

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