C O M M U N I T Y  P O L I C I E S

  1. We have a Zero Tolerance policy for toxicity and OOC drama of any kind.

  2. Both members of the community and their characters must be, at least, 18 years old.

  3. We are an English-speaking server. Thus, all communication on the server and Discord must be, primarily, in English.

  4. Any form of harassment, derogatory language, or alienation will NOT be tolerated.

  5. Do NOT post pornographic imagery, text, or propositions. This includes Erotic Roleplay.

  6. Do NOT share your, or anyone else's, personal information. Staff will never ask you for your passwords, address, phone number, etc.

  7. All community members are required to join the official TCRP Discord. A member who leaves the Discord will have their whitelisting revoked.

Any violation of the above policies will result in disciplinary action. Depending on the severity, possible actions could be anywhere from a warning to a ban.

S E R V E R  R U L E S

ROLEPLAY COMES FIRST. While playing on the server, you are required to remain In-Character (IC) at all times.

  • Should any issues arise during RolePlay (RP), RP the scenario to completion without breaking character. Afterwards, you can discuss it privately with the person, make a bug report, or open a ticket with staff to make a report.

    • In the case of a report: clips, video, screenshots, and any other evidence you can provide to support your claims in a report will be valuable to both you and staff.​

  • The only exceptions to this rule include real life emergencies and instances in which you are granted permission by staff.​

QUALITY OF ROLEPLAY. All members who play on our server are expected to roleplay in a credible and realistic manner.

  • While roleplaying on the server, keep the time period in mind. Keep your speech should be relatively period-appropriate and refrain from acting or speaking in ways that would break your fellow roleplayers' immersion.

  • Purposefully Baiting Law into a conflict without proper RP will result in disciplinary action.

  • NO SUPERNATURAL RP is not permitted on the server. Your character may believe in the supernatural, but they cannot actually be a vampire, werewolf, etc.


  • Character Names should be of the player's own creation and not (at least directly) recognizable as a name from pop-culture, existing media, a celebrity, memes, etc. (i.e. Thomas Shelby, John Adams, Arthur Morgan, etc.)

  • Characters may NOT be related in any way to historical figures of the time or characters from the Red Dead Redemption franchise, much less characters from other entertainment mediums.

  • Characters from real world Native American tribes are permitted, but we encourage players to create their own, unique tribe or use the Wapiti from RDR2.

  • Mentions of the American Civil War within or outside of a character's backstory is not permitted.

OOC CONSENT. RP that touches on sensitive topics (such as torture, suicide, etc.) MUST have the Out-of-Character (OOC) consent of both parties.

  • The parties involved will submit a ticket with staff before any torture RP is conducted so staff may keep a transcript of the consent of all parties for posterity.


    • Explicit staff approval MUST be obtained via a ticket with staff in order to play a mass murderer (serial killers) or a cannibal-type criminal.

  • Types of RP NOT PERMITTED under any circumstances within the server include…

    • Sexual assault and/or harassment roleplay.

    • Erotic roleplay.

    • Pregnancy roleplay.


RANDOM DEATHMATCH. RDM is defined as a purposeful instigation of violent action against a character, including Non-Player Characters (NPCs), without initiation and proper roleplay leading up to the altercation and is strictly prohibited.

  • Ex. roping, shooting at, stabbing, hitting, running someone over w/ your horse/wagon, etc.

  • Any violent conflict MUST have realistic RP reasoning behind the action and AUDIBLE initiation such as yelling out, shooting at the ground nearby, shooting at the wheels of a wagon, etc. in order to give the other party time to react.

  • Additionally, killing or provoking fights with NPCs w/o proper RP will also be viewed as RDM.


​NO VALUE OF LIFE. NVL is knowingly putting your and/or other characters’ lives at risk without proper RP.

  • All characters should react to dangerous situations as per their nature while also keeping the intent to preserve – at the very least – their own life.

  • This rule must be carefully balanced with our policy: THE GUN IS NOT AN AUTO-WIN.

  • Take risks that you feel are appropriate for your character to take. However, you MUST acknowledge and fully commit to whatever consequences may arise from that choice, whether that be trauma, injuries appropriate to the damage taken, or even death.


    • All parties participating must agree to a duel using OOC local chat.

    • Either video or screenshots must be provided to staff to confirm the winning and losing side.

    • When engaging in duels, the losing side must commit to either severe injuries or permanently killing their character.


FAILRP. Fail RolePlay (FailRP) is defined as actions that break immersion and is not permitted. FailRP includes, but is not limited to

  • Combat Logging is purposefully disconnecting from the server before an IC conflict has reached its resolution. If you are in the middle of RP and are disconnected beyond your control, immediately contact the other parties involved through OOC means to let them know.

    • When performing illegal activities of any kind, you are required to say on the server as that character for a 10 minute duration minimum.​

  • Failing to accurately portray or RP out your character's sustained injuries or illness, and the subsequent recoveries.​

    • If injured by a PC, unless in the context of a friendly brawl or similar, injuries sustained in the conflict should be of a serious nature.

  • Abuse of /OOC chat (ex. having full OOC conversations, etc.)

  • Equipping a weapon you clearly don't have on your person without using /ME to grab it from your horse or where you last left it.

​POWER GAMING. Power gaming is the abuse and exploitation of mechanics, and/or exerting some kind of force upon the direction of another player's RP. Powergaming includes, but is not limited to...

  • Pocket Wiping is to completely empty another character's inventory of items or money.

  • Pickpocketing. Requires initiation via /ME or some other means of alerting the player.

  • Exploitation. You MUST inform staff via a ticket if you encounter any bugs or glitches.

  • Cheating. Anyone that has information about operational cheats or knows someone that is using cheats must report to staff. This also includes buying in-game items or currency with real-world money.

  • Abuse of game mechanics (i.e. using ragdoll to break out of ropes, etc.)

    • Ropes & Hogties can be a powerful tool. When hogtied, use common sense on when it is appropriate to try and break out of the ropes.​

  • /MEs that force an action or thought on another PC w/o prior consent (i.e. "/me grabs you by the collar and swings you around")​

  • Abuse of /WAKE outside of specific events – such as friendly brawls.


​METAGAMING. Defined as the use of information obtained through OOC means and using it IC, especially when your character has no way of knowing this information themselves and is not permitted in any form. Metagaming includes, but is not limited to

  • Stream Sniping is the act of watching another player's stream while you are on the same server they are playing in, even if the stream is minimized.

  • Passing information such as your in-game location, what another character is doing, where you're headed, etc. through OOC means.


    • Passing ANY information between your characters is NOT permitted.​

    • One of your character's should not refer to another one of your characters in any in-depth manner.

    • Sharing items, money, or other resources between your characters is prohibited, this includes using other players as proxy.


​GROUP LIMITS. Only 6 characters may be active within an active conflict RP scenario on either side at any time.

  • When a group exceeds 6, 6 PCs should be designated beforehand to take part in any conflict that may arise.

  • This limit may be lifted in the case of server events, in which case an announcement will be made.

  • Outside of conflict scenarios, organizations (criminal or otherwise) are limited to a total of 10 members.

  • To increase group limits for an organization or conflict scenario, the groups involved must first gain consent by staff through opening a ticket.


​INCAPACITATION. Incapacitation is when your character is downed.​

  • Your character may recall the events leading up to the incapacitation, but may not remember anything that occurs while they are incapacitated.

    • Keep in mind that these memories should be fuzzy at best.

  • While incapacitated, your character may speak only in faint mutters.

  • You MUST wait out the respawn timer before respawning unless…

    • Your character receives medical attention.

    • You were incapacitated in a friendly brawl and have been carried somewhere out of sight.

  • Remember that it is FailRP to not portray injuries and recovery accurately.


​PERMADEATH. Permanent Death (Permadeath) is when a character is declared dead through /ME.

  • Permadeath is the sole decision of a character's player and cannot be coerced or forced barring a few exceptions:

    • The character has been sentenced to death for an appropriate crime.​

    • The character lost a duel and did not portray any serious injuries from the duel.

  • A character is dead when a player uses /ME to reflect a lack of life (i.e. "/me has no pulse").

    • Once a character has been declared such a manner, that character is dead and may not return in any capacity.​

    • A player is welcome to remain logged onto the character to provide a body for a funeral or autopsy, but nothing further.



  • A character may own a maximum of one property, but may be affiliated with other properties through other means – such as being a manager, or employee of another character's business.

    • A second property may be requested from staff via a ticket.

  • To OWN a business vs. managing one, is to be responsible for being active and encouraging RP in your area of business.​

    • Owned businesses will be scrutinized to ensure activity is maintained; if found lacking, ownership may be revoked and the business property placed back up on the market.​