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How to Install TS & Salty?
How Do I Apply?
Why Was I Denied?


Before following the instructions below, please make sure that you have either Red Dead Redemption II or Red Dead Online installed on your PC.

  1. Download the CFX RedM application here.

  2. Install the application from you Downloads folder (or whatever file you downloaded it to).

  3. Go grab some food or put on a show while you wait for RedM to install – this will probably take a while.

  4. Once RedM has finished installing, you can find our server by searching for 'Crossroads' in the server list.

  5. To play on our server, you'll first need to be whitelisted, which you can apply for by joining the official TCRP Discord and filling out a whitelist form.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out on our Discord through our #public-general or #community-help channels.


Download the TeamSpeak application here.

Download the Salty Chat plugin here.

  1. Check the Salty Chat is installed by going to the top of your TeamSpeak (TS) application and clicking PLUGIN.

  2. In your TS application, go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > CAPTURE, select the microphone you want to use and set your push-to-talk hotkey (required).

  3. Once your TS is set up, you can connect by clicking CONNECTIONS and entering our Server Address (see #connection-info in our Discord).

  4. If you require further assistance, don't hesitate to open a Mod Support ticket from our #submit-a-ticket channel in the Discord.


You can apply to be whitelisted on our server and Discord here. Make sure you've joined our community Discord before applying, elsewise, you're application will be denied without notice. After submitting your application, you can expect to be whitelisted within the next few days, depending on our current influx of applicants. During your wait, please refrain from submitting a ticket or sending private messages to our staff to ask about your application status, we will get to it as soon as we can.


If your whitelist application has been denied, we always provide potential reasons for an applicant's denial. You may feel free to try applying again after the 7 day wait time with those reasons in mind. After being denied, please do not message or harass staff members about your application. The following are some reasons we deny applicants:

  • Application incomplete.

  • A lack of response to staff questions & requests.

  • Answers that show an inadequate understanding of our Server Rules.

  • A lack of literacy and comprehension of the English language.

  • Answers to character questions portray unwanted stereotypical background, behavior, or other under/overtones.

  • Answers that don't suit our server's roleplay quality standards.


At this time, TCRP is not taking any monetary donations, though we appreciate the thought. Donations aren't the only way you can support us, however! Inviting friends who may be interested in our community, opening a ticket to share your ideas with staff, assisting your fellow community members, etc. are all fantastic and valid methods of support that we greatly appreciate.



When it comes to law, TCRP staff has taken a big step back from involvement in anything other than what's absolutely necessary. If you're looking to join law on the server, look no further than the Sheriffs of our three jurisdictions: Lemoyne, New Hanover, and West Elizabeth. Choose which jurisdiction is right for you and speak to the current Sheriff about your interest and they may just hire you and, if not, they could at least possibly provide some tips and pertinent information about how you might get hired. We leave it entirely in the hands of the players.


Staff has a little more oversight into medical, but has still taken a big step back in terms of involvement in your medical roleplay. First, TCRP does not have a medical hierarchy of any kind; all medical business is completely private practice and malpractice laws are not instated. Your opportunities are endless: be a graduated nurse or doctor, be a quack, be a miracle tonic sales man, be a pharmacist, be whatever you want!

Medical mechanics are not necessary to play as a doctor or other medical personnel, you may simply advertise yourself and begin doing medical RP whenever you like. However, if you'd prefer to engage with our server's medical mechanics, you may apply here. Once you've been approved, staff will reach out to you through a ticket. Be aware that medical mechanics confer an experienced and learned medical practitioner and may not be afforded to you if you are playing a quack, miracle tonic salesman, or other such types.

Additionally, if the link above leads to nowhere, that means that TCRP is currently not accepting anymore whitelisted medical personnel. However, you may look around in character on the server for currently existing medical practitioners and see if you can't apprentice under them, if that's the natural course for your character and the medical practitioner agrees to it.


To become an attorney is an entirely IC experience! Find a judge in game and they'll give you a little "bar exam" (no worries, it isn't too difficult, just to test preliminary knowledge!). If you pass, you'll be able to get your license to practice and can open up your own private practice as a lawyer. After that, we recommend that you begin advertising your business to the public and make sure to introduce yourself to our law officers, clerks, and judges, so that they know who to call when they need someone for you to represent.

Judges, however, are a whitelisted job that you can apply for here. This is a limited position, so if the link is unavailable, that means we are full up on judges and will make an announcement when positions open up.


State Clerks are also a part of our judicial branch, they are the people who deal with much of the minutiae and bureaucracy within state. If such a position would appeal to you, feel free to find a judge in game who can hire you on and show you the ropes! Be aware that these positions are limited and so judges may not be able to hire you if they already have the maximum amount of clerks.

How Can I Support The Server?
How Do I Get Into Law?
How Do I Become a Doctor?
How Do I Get Into Judicial?
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